Spaceship Lyra Logs
by Linda Rigsbee
The Amelioration Expedition, Log 001

An unfamiliar planet; one expedition member who hates another...what could go wrong?
This is a sequel to The Mascot Trilogy, and launched the "Spaceship Lyra Logs" series.

​The Genesis Project, Log 002

​Research and Rescue Spaceship Lyra responds to a distress signal from planet Arcane and discovers a planet in dire need of assistance. As Supreme Commander, Donte is willing to risk his life to assist, but he has no idea what it will cost all of them.
Quixotic Rebellion, Log 003

A futile mission turns deadly for the Lyra crew in this episode of Spaceship Lyra Logs. What is causing the disappearance of miners and troops, and is assisting an uncooperative general worth the risk?

The Macabre Organism, Log 004

A tiny organism does what no one else has been able to do. It backs Donte into a corner and puts him on his knees. Donte cannot rely on his supernatural skills. He must rely on his crew and learn to resolve problems without superpowers.

​Intimate Domain, Log 005

The first time Donte goes to Planet Purlieu for a celebration may be the last. He returns to tragedy - and possibly a permanent change in command.
These are the expeditions of Spaceship Lyra; dedicated to assisting friend or foe - on planets or in space. No assignment is too small or too large for their crew.

Supreme commander Donte is a mascot - a human genetically altered with animal genes. Mascots were originally designed to protect and guide the colonists on a new planet, so they are the ideal crew for a research and rescue spaceship. They have attributes that no other human has, and they could live 350 to 400 years - assuming they survive their next assignment.

Soft Science Fiction
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The Last Voyage, Log 006

Everyone has their breaking point and Donte has found his. After a personal tragedy, he may never be the same again. His subordinates are waiting for him to get back on his feet. Is he capable or will they need to replace him?