by Linda Rigsbee
The Purlieu Experiment, Book 1
​    Donte is a mascot - born the year after Fontalo abandoned the planet. His story begins in Nyumbani, a backward colony on planet Purlieu, where he is being held captive. He is exiled from that colony, but he has a greater fate ahead of him. Born to lead, he must first bring the colonies together. He is the son of a princess, the grandson of the Ruler of Bergen and he was raised by the President of Libertad. He isn't sure he is qualified to lead the people, but it isn't in him to walk away from them.
The Anialwch Connection, Book 2
​    Donte has returned from three years in service on the spaceship Moeder. His grandfather, Pieter, wants him to succeed him as ruler of Bergen colony, but he isn't happy about some of Donte's ideas. Pieter doesn't believe in the Prophesy and he believes only mascots should rule. Donte believes in equality between human colonists and mascots. The Prophesy indicates the colonists will rise up against the mascots, but Donte believes that can be avoided if the colonists are treated fairly.
  Torn between loyalty to his grandfather and fulfilling his destiny in the Prophesy, Donte must decide who he will serve.
Return Of The Fontalo, Book 3
​   After the death of his grandfather, Donte has become the Ruler of Bergen Colony on the planet of Purlieu. He is destined to lead Purlieu to freedom from the Fontalo, the company that designed the mascots.
  The Fontalo abandoned the experiment on Purlieu forty years ago during a plague, leaving three spaceships to defend the planet. Now they have returned to retrieve all their property. They have a list of mascots, one of which is Donte’s father. Donte isn’t on that list, but he and his children are among the illegal offspring to be collected.
      Donte discovers negotiating with the Captain of the Fontalo spaceship is futile, but he has an idea how he might be able to protect the mascots and fulfill the Prophesy. Is the risk worth the gain?
Humans genetically modified with animal genes. 
Created to lead - destined to liberate.

   When a powerful corporation defies the law and corrupts the colonization of a planet, it does the unthinkable. Using human and animal genetics, it creates a human with incredible capabilities. It can live 350 to 400 years, due to an enhanced immune system. These Mascots have one purpose - to guide and protect the colonists. When the experiment gets out of control, the scientists abandon the planet and its inhabitants - human and mascot. The colonies had been forbidden to contact each other, but now they must unite or perish. 
Soft Science Fiction
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