by Linda Rigsbee
Coming in 2020!
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Science Fiction/Fantasy
Willow and Adan are from two different worlds - literally. Willow is from Planet Oriel and Adan is from Planet Arcane. That's enough to complicate their love, but some say they are two different species.

Adan is a 215-year-old Mascot - a human genetically modified with animal genes. His love for Willow takes him to Oriel, where he confronts the company that murdered his family. He mus learn to forgive before it destroys his marriage.

Willow is a 25-year-old journalist who joked about bringing her own Mascot back to Oriel. It was no joke when she fell in love with stoic Adan, the trooper assigned to her on her visit to Arcane. She enthusiastically assumes the job of training Adan, now her husband, for life on Oriel. When a woman from Fontalo, the company that killed his family, courts Adan as a potential employee, Willow is furious. How does she keep the man she loves when she sees him slowly drifting away?

Read the story that inspired this book free online. "The Galactic Flirt."