Soft Science Fiction
by Linda Rigsbee
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Short soft science fiction stories
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​A Hunger For Contact
Galactic Flirt
The Creature Kid

Soft Science Fiction 
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The Midnight Zone

The Mascot Trilogy

The Purlieu Experiment (Book 1) **
The Anialwch Connection (Book 2)
Return Of The Fontalo (Book 3)

Spaceship Lyra Logs

The Amelioration Expedition (Log 001)
The Genesis Project (Log 002)
Quixotic Rebellion (Log 003)
The Macabre Organism (Log 004)
Intimate Domain (Log 005)
The Last Voyage (Log 006)

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Soft Science Fiction
Soft science fiction reads more like general fiction. Usually, the difference is in the time period, location or culture.  Readers who often avoid the science fiction genre often enjoy soft science fiction. Rigsbee's soft science fiction books are generally literary - they are more character driven than plot driven. Her stories are always "clean," meaning they are void of profanity or explicit sex.